Leeward Community College Foundations Requirements 2021-2022

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Global & Multicultural Perspectives (FG) (6 credits/two courses)

Global and Multicultural Perspectives courses provide thematic treatments of global processes and cross-cultural interactions from a variety of perspectives. Students will gain a sense of human development from pre-history to modern times through consideration of narratives and artifacts of and from diverse cultures. At least one component of each of these courses will involve the indigenous cultures of Hawai'i, the Pacific, and Asia.

FGA: Global & Multicultural Perspectives – Early (A)

FGB: Global & Multicultural Perspectives – Modern (B)

FGC: Global & Multicultural Perspectives – Early to Modern (C)

Symbolic Reasoning (FS)* or Quantitative Reasoning (FQ) (3 credits/1 course)

*No new applications taken. Designation sunsets in fall 2020. Only students who entered and continuously enrolled in Leeward before fall 2018 have the option to take an FS course to fulfill this designation requirement. All subsequent enrollees or those who entered prior to fall 2018 but stopped attending Leeward at some point must take an FQ course.

Symbolic Reasoning courses expose students to the beauty and power of formal systems, as well as to their clarity and precision; courses do not focus solely on computational skills. Students learn the concept of proof as a chain of inferences. They learn to apply formal rules or algorithms, engage in hypothetical reasoning, and traverse a bridge between theory and practice. In addition, students develop the ability to use appropriate symbolic techniques in the context of problem solving, and to present and critically evaluate evidence.

Quantitative reasoning is the ability to apply mathematical concepts to the interpretation and analysis of quantifiable information, expressed numerically or graphically, in order to solve a wide range of problems. In Quantitative Reasoning courses students learn to understand and communicate quantitative information using such tools as variables and equations, graphs and charts, and words/sentences. They learn to apply math skills and judge reasonableness of results. Students also learn to recognize the limits of mathematical or statistical methods. Note: Students who enter UH in Fall 2018 or later must take a Foundations-Quantitative Reasoning (FQ) course.


Written Communication (FW) (3 credits/1 course)

Written Communication courses introduce students to the rhetorical, conceptual, and stylistic demands of writing at the college level; courses give instruction in composing processes, search strategies, and composing from sources. Courses also provide students with experiences in the library and on the Internet and enhance their skills in accessing and using various types of primary and secondary materials.