• All instructors of the course must agree to meet the appropriate Foundations Hallmarks because all sections will have the Foundations designation every time the course is offered.

  • A new course must be approved by the department and college prior to submission of a proposal.

  • The course description in the upcoming Catalog must be consistent with Foundations Hallmarks. In some cases, this will require modifications to the official course description.

  • Once given a Foundations designation, the course cannot have a Focus or Diversification designation.

  • If the committee asks for revisions, please highlight them for easy reference and approval.

  • Once approved, the designation will maintain for three years for first-time proposals and five years for renewals. During the approval period, the General Education Committee will assess the course in light of the goals of the Foundations requirement. The department will need to begin the process to renew the designation approximately one year prior to expiration in order to maintain continuous approval.

Application Forms

Application Deadline:

There is one application deadline per year. Applicants are advised to submit proposals as early as possible to provide sufficient time for the negotiation process that may be required for designation approval.


Deadline: January 21, 2022


  • The application calls for a "master syllabus." Please be sure it is free from instructor-specific information (name, office hours, office location, etc.). This will be a template that future instructors of your course may use. 

  • In the assessment section, please indicate how the FOUNDATION hallmarks and not course SLOS will be met and confirm that the assessment results will be used to maintain course integrity.

  • Since designations are COURSE-specific, please write proposals in third person and avoid the first.

  • Fill out all charts. Information should be highlights which will then be discussed in the narrative sections.

Click on the application form below to apply for a Foundations designation for your course. (Note: Links open in a new window.)